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South-East Youth Angry At Buhari, APC Exclusion

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The coalition of South-East youth has vexed at the ruling party for exempting the South-east geopolitical zone in the distribution of key position in the national assembly.

The President of the body, Mr Goodluck Ibem, made this known in a statement challenging President Muhammadu Buhari and his party to take the necessary steps to correct the alleged injustice.


He saw the exclusion as a political war against the Igbos.
In his statement, he said, “The decision of the APC not to support or zone any principal position in the National Assembly to the South-east is a clear indication and statement by the APC that the South-east is no longer part of Nigeria.

“The North produced the President, the President of the Senate, the Chief Justice of Nigeria and the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives.
“The South-West also produced the APC National Leader, the Vice President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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    “The South-south produced the party’s national chairman and the deputy senate president while the South-East is left with nothing.

    “The APC has just told its South-east members that they are not qualified for any good thing from the party.”
    The youth president saw such an act as a complete hatred against the Igbos and entirely against the countries constitution.

    “The action of the APC against the South-East contradicts the visions of our founding fathers who agreed and came together in harmony to work in unity as one united Nigeria”, he added.

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