Sat. Sep 26th, 2020

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Gorilla Accused Of Eating N7m In Kano Zoo

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Umar Kashe Kobo, the managing director of the zoo in Kano state said, police are already investigating the incident, and all he can say is that the money is missing.


The money is worth 5 days Gate fee according to the Kano police spokesman Abdullahi Kiyawa.

10 people have been taken to the police custody, and that investigation is ongoing as to why they kept such amount of money in the office instead of taking it to the bank.

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    A popular radio in Kano State Freedom Radio station discloses the missing money, and when they interviewed the finance department of the zoo, they said the gorilla sneaked into the office and swallowed the money.

    Just last year, it was reported that a snake also swallowed 36 million Naira in Benue state in the office of a national examination board

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