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N500bn Scandal: Investigate Sahara Reporters, CBN Gov. Godwin Emefiele

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The Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, Mr Godwin Emefiele as attest that the report of five hundred Billion Naira missing is authentic as reported by the Sahara Reporters.

In May 2019, Sahara Reporters uncovered a conversation on phone between Emefiele, Edward Lametek Adamu, his Deputy, Dayo M. Arowosegbe who is the Director of Finance and the CBN governor special adviser, Emmanuel Ukese, where they deliberated on how to cover up over 500 Billion Naira missing from the Central Bank of Nigeria in a private investment that went bust.

The two phone calls audio tape were gotten by Sahara Reporters and open up the action of the governor and his top officials of the Apex bank to hide the loss of such huge amount of money in a Dubai investment as disclosed by banks source.

The CBN Who had attested to the genuine of the audio, again said no money was lost from the Central Bank.

Isaac Okorafor, Director Corporate Communications, said: “The selective conversation being circulated was simply a discussion to ascertain why the auditors took that position and next steps to resolve it.

Obviously, it soon became apparent that a state government’s loan cannot be classified as ‘bad’ or ‘irrecoverable’ when the state still exists and getting FAAC allocations.”

According to the petition written by Emefiele to the Inspector General of police, He said the audio was authentic, but he raised an eyebrow on his phone being hacked and the Central Bank security been breached.

He told the inspector-general of police to look into the leaked audio.
In the petition which he titled, ‘Security breach at the Central Bank of Nigeria – request for investigation’ read partly,

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“it is apparent from the audio clips that my telephones including GSM and those of top officials of the Bank must have been bugged.

This is no doubt an alarming development of monumental proportion and has very serious implications not only for the Bank as a central monetary authority but also the nation’s economy.

It is also capable of tarnishing the image, good standing and integrity of the Bank with the country’s development partners and eroding confidence in the economy.”

The CBN governor requested that the inspector-general of police to investigate how his phone was bugged and who revealed his phone conversation.

“I request you kindly use your good office to unravel the circumstances surrounding the bugging and wiretapping of the Bank’s telephones and the release of my private/confidential telephone conversation with other top officials of the CBN to Sahara Reporters.

“Find out how Sahara Reporters obtained the illegal wiretapped conversation and culprits behind the illegal acts.”

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