Fri. Dec 4th, 2020

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Nigerian Man Arrested For Kidnapping, Raping, Setting Missing Utah Student Body On Fire.

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Utah Police arresting suspect facing aggravated murder charge in Mackenzie Lueck case

Nigerian man, Ayoola Ajayi has been arrested for kidnapping, raping, and setting missing Utah student, Mackenzie Lueck’s body on fire.

“A forensic excavation of the burn area was conducted, which resulted in the finding of several charred items that were consistent with personal items of Mackenzie Lueck,” Brown told reporters.

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The 31-year-old Naturalized American desecrated her body and seized the student’s belongings.

Ayoola Ajayi who is also former U.S Army Technician deceived the 23 years old deceased after arriving Salt Lake City.

Ajayi faces life jail in prison, charges of aggravated kidnapping, obstruction of justice and desecration of a body.

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