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Opinion: Some People Have To Be Killed Before Nigeria Can Move Forward By Edward Joseph

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I have been visiting my father’s land once a year since 2006 and I can confirm that there is no significant improvement to the lives of the majority of Nigerians since then.

What brought this thought to mind is just a retrospect on my experience of Nigeria since I decided to leave the country in the 80s.

I started paying a yearly visit to Nigeria to study improvement in the fortune of the country in order to prepare myself for my retirement in Nigeria.


After all my yearly assessments of the country, I can say there is no hope for Nigeria as a country so long Nigerians are still in love with those people who destroyed and still destroying the country.

Am very sorry to say that some people have to be killed before Nigeria can move forward. I know many people may not support my extreme opinion, but you can only destroy cancerous cells to stop it from killing the host.

Some past and present political and military leaders must die before any significant change can happen in Nigeria. These people are cancer cells to the nation of Nigeria.

The power outrage in Nigeria started gradually in 1982 and since then no solution has ever been found to resolve the problem. Up till today electricity has been the problem of Nigeria.

I have spent close to N100,000 on diesel to generate 24 hours electricity for my comfort during my staying in Nigeria.


How many Nigerians can afford that kind of money on energy in a year not to talk of a week plus. These people are killing poor Nigerians gradually.

It is time to destroy these cancerous cells in our mist. Those Nigerians I spoke to during this visit are confused. These are intellectually sound people.

Some of them are university lecturers. I observed that they are sick and could not understand reality of the situation.

Today is Sunday, they all jumped into their craps they called cars with their families and zoomed off to different Churches to pray for more craps. I was left at home and what came to my mind after they have left is ‘Most Nigerians are SICK.

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