Fri. Dec 4th, 2020

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Senate To Receive Buhari Ministerial Nominees Before July 2nd

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The Senate is anticipating the President Muhammadu Buhari nominees for the ministerial office to make up the federal executive council on or before July 2nd.

The Senators who are currently on break will be resuming on July 2nd and will hasten the screening and confirmation of the nominees to be submitted by the president.

Unlike the president first time that it took him six months to present the ministerial nominees, it will be good if the list is released earlier.

“I believe that the President should take advantage of the three weeks the Senate would spend in session between July 2nd and the end of that month by ensuring that before we come back from this two weeks recess, the ministerial list is ready so that we simply screen and confirm them within the three weeks that we are going to sit before we go on end of session recess,” One of the lawmakers disclosed.

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“Anything short of that would amount to dragging Nigeria back to the delay experienced four years ago because the Senate won’t resume until around the third week of September.”

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