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Senators Receive N15m Monthly – Sagay Replies Lawan

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Prof Itse Sagay (SAN), the chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption has confronted the Senate President Ahmed Lawan for misleading Nigerians on his claim that senators receive some N750k monthly, but the actual salary is N15m.

On Tuesday, the Senate President had earlier said senators salary is N750K without any jumbo bonus.


Sagay said, “I respect and like him (Lawan), but what he has done is to give half-truth. He is telling us the actual salary without mentioning anything about the allowances.

“That is where the jumbo pay comes in when you talk of building, furniture, domestic this or that, 15 items and those items alone bring everything up to N13.5m a month. So, merely mentioning the bare salary, which brings it to over N14m, is not sufficient.


“So, technically, he is right. That is their salary. But what is his income, take-home pay, at the end of the month? It is about N15m, and we do not include many other things we need to talk about now.”

He said, “What I have not been able to do is give details of what the leadership earns. There is the leadership aspect that I hadn’t revealed – the excess that the Senate President and Deputy Senate President, leader of the house; the same thing applying to the House of Representatives.

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“What they get – the current ones – that I have not been able to release. I had the details of the previous house. They were mindboggling; we are talking of one person getting up to N280m a year in allowances for his position.

But I don’t know what they had during the Saraki era or what the present group is going to do.”

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