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Tinubu Move To Stop Ambode Ministerial Nomination

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Due to meetings of the former Lagos State governor, Akinwunmi Ambode with the President, there are speculations that he could be among the president ministerial nominees.

However, it was gathered that some party members of the ruling party led by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu are on the move to stop the nomination.

The party goons are angry at the administration of the immediate past governor and alleging that he frustrated a lot of party members in the state, therefore, “there was a need to teach him a lesson”.

The angry party members also called on the Economic and Financial Crime Commission over alleged financial misappropriation and corruption by Ambode.

According to a report from an APC member, he said, “Ambode tried to destroy the party in his first term. Apart from not being accessible, he revoked contracts belonging to party members and brought in his own companies. He tried to destroy our chances in attempting to undermine Sanwo-Olu at every turn.

“He did not campaign for us. Rather, he was following Buhari all over the place. He should not expect to represent Lagos in any capacity. We will not allow him to have an appointment.”

Another member said, “Ambode is from Ondo State, and he cannot deny it. Yes, he was governor in Lagos State, but the constitution allows that. However, the law states clearly that only an indigene of a state can represent that state as far as ministerial appointments are concerned.

“We will ensure that the three senators from Lagos State block his nomination if the President nominates him. There must be party discipline.”

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A close aide to Ambode responded, saying, “Ambode is already prepared for the worst since they have already humiliated him. Buhari even appealed to them to let Ambode return as governor, but they refused. They then tried to impeach him, but they failed.

“They should remember that Ambode was a permanent secretary and accountant-general of the state before becoming a governor.

“He knows the secrets of all those making threats. Anybody who is on a mission of revenge could be digging his own grave in the process. I won’t say more than that.”

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