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Yahaya Describes Dankwambo Administration As “Clueless, Heartless And Reckless”

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The new Gombe state Governor Inuwa Yahaya has slammed the administration of Ibrahim Dankwambo and referred it has “clueless, heartless and reckless”.

He made this allegation after he received a report of Alhaji Mohammed Ahmed-Heading transition committee in Gombe state on Friday.


According to the governor, he said, “One is surprised that a former Accountant General that has served Nigeria will allow finance management to get to this level in a small state like Gombe.

“There must have been a conducive environment for such to thrive. The summary of it all is that the previous administration was clueless, heartless and reckless.”


Yahaya inaugurated the committee on April 2, and they had submitted its interim report on May 11.

Ahmad said, “A careful review of the state’s fiscal position indicated that since 2011, the previous administration embarked on expansionary budgetary policy largely financed by consistent borrowings. The local debts alone increased from N5.95bn in 2011 to N63.45bn at the end of May 2019.

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“This led to the rising debt profile, which stood at N119bn as of May 29, 2019. Also, the total debt included N14.83bn outstanding gratuities and pensions.

“The sum of N638.90m is being deducted from the statutory allocation to service various loans every month.

“Towards the end of May 2019, the state received the sum of N11.71bn, including N5.6bn Paris Club refund, out of which N3.01bn was paid as consultancy fees.”

The committee thereby clamours for a reduction in the number of ministries in the state from 27 to 16.

The governor, who thanked the committee for the report, appealed to members not to hesitate in making known their views when necessary.

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