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Additive Manufacturing, Smart Factory & Jobs Of The Future, Is Nigeria Ready – Adeola Olubamiji, PhD

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Adeola Olubamiji

Dr Adeola Olubamiji, a former pepper seller Who is now doing Nigerians proud in the diaspora, is an expert in metal additive manufacturing with about eight years of experience that diversified across biomedical aerospace and automotive Industries and academia.

She is the senior additive manufacturing engineer at Cummings Incorporation and her work as Excel in metal 3D Printing for Cummings Inc. which earn a recognizable celebration as a plus to the company.

She is also the founder of STEMHub foundation, an organization that provide hands-on STEM workshops and mentoring opportunities for women and minorities.

On June 28, Dr Adeola Olubamiji had the opportunity of presenting to the Nigerian Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) stakeholders in New York.

The scope of the event was to make a pace for metal 3D printing for Nigerian university since TETFund is responsible for the finances of all public universities in Nigeria.

Her desires have always been that the Nigerian geopolitical zone will establish an additive manufacturing centre of excellence for students to conduct quality research.

In order to attain this feat, she had written and submitted diverse proposals to the Nigerian government, and for the first time, there is a sign of a positive invitation.

It’s been a pleasure to making the dreams of every Nigerian Youth in the Revolution of Nigerian education.

During the presentation at the General Electric Global Research in New York, which so the presence of:

  • Professor Suleiman E. Bogoro (Executive Secretary, TETFUND)
  • Professor Placid Njoku (Co-Chair, Ad-Hoc Committee on R&D)
  • Mr Tope Toogun (Co-Chair, Ad-hoc Committee on R&D)
  • Professor Ibrahim Katampe (Director, CEET, Central State University, Ohio & Vice Chair, Ad-hoc Committee on R&D). Prof. Katampe holds nine patents in the US and served on President Obama’s Regional Council for Trade with Africa.
  • Dr Aminu Anas (Coordinating Director, Ad-hoc Committee on R&D)
  • Mal. Bukar Umar (Director, R&D/Centres of Excellence)
  • Dr Girei  Salihu Bakari (Director, Education Support Services)
  • Dr Jacob Alada (Director, Public Affairs)
  • Mal. Kabiru Argungu (Head, Internal Audit)
  • Mr Gbenga Arolasafe (Assistant Director, Public Affairs).

The former pepper sellar as she’s been jokingly referred creates a roadmap for the adoption of additive manufacturing smart factories by Nigerians tertiary institution towards the renovation of their research and entrepreneurial competence.

“These smart factories will elevate and establish the hands-on experience of industry 4.0 technology to Nigerian students in various disciplines”, she said.

Surprisingly, those in attendance were aware of her pepper seller story, she, therefore, emphasize on the essentiality of what access to good and quality education can do to a Nigerian student.

After her presentation, she appreciates the General Electric GRC for giving her the platform and also thanking Cummins advance manufacturing division and GE additive for their support.

Having given a clear path on how TETFund can approach the implementation of smart factories, she therefore for pledges the commitment of Nigerian professionals in the diaspora to the Nigerian government delegate present and emphasize that young Nigerians can only lead these innovative technologies in the diaspora.

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The TETFund leaders also pledge their commitment, and she’s hoping that a new page is opened for the improvement of Nigerian education.

“Dear Nigerians in diaspora and Nigerian youths, I did my best to represent you all, and we continue to speak up on this call To Action”, she said.

She said, to have Professor Bogoro’s team on sit and listen to her is a dream come true. Only the Almighty God made her a formal paper seller to be positioned in the front of Innovations and make her stand before Kings.

Doctor Adeola Olubamiji thank God for making use of her. She also thanks her brother as well, Roti Balogun who is the Global Head, Organisation and development for GE, for helping her coordinating the team and providing her with the platform.

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