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Breaking: FG To Suspend Proposed RUGA Programme Indefinitely

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The RUGA initiation that has created a lot of strife and uproar in the country with a thought from many Nigerians that the government aim of introducing this program was to reposition the Fulani tribe.

The Presidency in response to these allegations said the controversy RUGA settlement program was a plan that would be of benefit to everyone.


According to a statement by the Senior special assistant to the President, Garba Shehu, the programme is not a plan for Fulani people reposition, and no States has been obliged on a must to participate in it.

“The Presidency wishes to draw attention to recent unhelpful comments regarding the plan to stop roaming of cattle herders with the attendant clashes with farmers.

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“Ruga Settlement” that seeks to settle migrant pastoral families simply means rural settlement in which animal farmers, not just cattle herders, will be settled in an organized place with provision of necessary and adequate basic amenities such as schools, hospitals, road networks, vet clinics, markets and manufacturing entities that will process and add value to meats and animal products.

Beneficiaries will include all persons in animal husbandry, not only Fulani herders.”

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