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Give Education To Bandits And Herdsmen Children – Nuhu Ribadu

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Mr Nuhu Ribadu, Former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, said, “the children of the herdsmen and bandits needed to be educated so that they could start a process of rebuilding the country.”

The former Presidential candidate, said, “there was hope for Nigeria despite the current challenges facing the country if only the younger generation could get a good education.”


He made this known at the graduation and prize-giving ceremony of the Pacesetters’ Schools in Wuse, Abuja on Saturday.

Ribadu said, “The younger ones can make a nation out of the country. They can build things. A lot of the things you see today happening in our country are things that young people have no hand in it.

Please let these kids be. Give them a chance to be what they want to be. Let them love one another and each. Let them remain as Nigerians.

    “I hope that the children of the herdsmen will be able to be like these educated ones. The children of bandits who are terrorising us will be able to be like these educated kids. The children of those who are making lives difficult for all of us can also be like these ones.”

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