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Omoyele Sowore Alleged Suspension From AAC: A Plot.

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No retreat, no surrender for Omoyele Sowore who has been fighting for what we call true justice for the citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria right from his undergraduate days far back 1993, fighting for the right of every student within and outside his domain as at that time, even till date.

Records show that He was part of those that fought and solicited for June 12 inauguration for Late M. K. O. Abiola while he was an undergraduate after which lots of adversity tried to pull him down, but above all he stood firm even in the fierce military regime of General Sani Abacha before he left the country and made the country proud and was appreciated in the diaspora.


Eventually, Omoyele Sowore returns when realized that his country lacks a die-hard leader who can fight and win the people’s right, above all renovate and create opportunities in the country as it is in the European nations.

He then saw it very essential and befitting that He comes out as an aspirant for the presidential election under the umbrella of the African action Congress.

Before he joined this party, he had gone to some other well-known party to present his aim and ambition for the countries progress.


Rather than having a warm welcome, they played at his intelligence, transparency and corruption-free mind by telling him to first give preference and submission to some corrupt and Naira embezzling godfathers who are behind the unproductive and slow economy of the country.

He had to back out from them and cofounded African Action Congress with other two-goal setters like him with same vision and mission.

AAC remain peaceful and coordinated until people like Demas sprout up who left Paul for the pleasure of the world, people who are profits oriented sprout up to corrupt the mind of the AAC members to embezzle the money they got from the campaign donations.

    Nevertheless, Sowore and other members stood their ground not to compromise their stand not to become corrupt and ruin their party.

    He made it clear that he is bringing a new dimension of politics to Nigeria against the existing one where the primary aim was to spend the money of innocent struggling Nigerian tax money.

    Eventually, the election came and went the opposition party against some questionable act.
    The 2-major parties in the country APC and PDP started convincing other parties with monetary reward to join the war against themselves.


    APC wanted other parties to join them by an accepting defeat while PDP wanted other parties to join them by raising in motion against the ascribed victory of APC.

    Unlike other parties, the Sowore led AAC party did not compromise their stand by following the majority.
    Surprisingly, a traitor in the party went to the opposition party against the wish and decision of the AAC.

    News media without proper investigation began to spread rumours that AAC has compromised by joining the opposition party.


    Eventually, the person involves in the atrocities was suspended and expelled.
    During the campaign, reports have it from very close to Sowore that he spent more than 11 million naira for the campaign and never spent it on his pleasure.

    Amazingly, one of the traitors has been meeting him that they should do like the other parties.
    This traitor will always request for funds from the party without proper implementation or presenting or presenting a record or giving an account of his expenses.

    Contrary to his aim, Sowore is known for transparency, and immediately after the election, he presented every record of the money received and spent during the campaign to the public.


    This led to the plot to pull down Sowore and other faithful members of the AAC party by probing a wrong scandal alleging them of engaging in anti-party activities.

    This plot was led by the suspended and later expelled Leonard Nzewa who went to court and as a result of some compromise in the judiciary, Justice Inyang Ekwo of the Federal High Court in Abuja gave the judgment in his favour.

    In Response to the shocking judgment of the Judge, the Director, PR, Media and Communication of the TAKE IT BACK MOVEMENT wrote in a statement.

    “Justice Inyang Ekwo of the Federal High Court in Abuja on Friday, July 12, 2019 delivered what legal scholars have described as a strange and shocking verdict in the sponsored suit brought by one Leonard Nzenwa in his desperate and dubious bid to hijack the African Action Congress (AAC) for insatiable and pecuniary gains.”


    “Justice Ekwo in his judgment on Friday held that Leonard was entitled to the reliefs he sought on the ground that his suit was “uncontested”. This, despite the robust legal defence of Mr Omoyele Sowore and Dr Malcolm Fabiyi with a 65-page Counter Affidavit and 12 Exhibits deposed on their behalf by Dr Joshua Adeoye, the Deputy National Secretary of the AAC.”

    “This judgement is a clear miscarriage of justice and runs counter to long-established principles of law on affidavit evidence.”
    “We observed that security men escorted Leonard Nzenwa and accompanied to the court today by associates and supporters of Governor Nyesom Wike and members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Rivers State.”

    “The totality of these abnormalities is that the AAC has been wickedly and fraudulently hijacked through questionable judicial processes with the primary aim of frustrating the election petition against Governor Wike and the PDP in Rivers State.”


    “We urge the leadership of the Nigerian Judiciary to salvage the judiciary from political interference and corruption. While this might be a judgement for depravity, it does not speak for the majority of the members of the African Action Congress party. This is another injustice we must fight and fight it, and we shall.”, he concluded.

    The judgment was so biased because even the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) recognized Omoyele Sowore as the AAC chairman.

    The report has it that Sowore said “we have commenced the process of Appeal already. The judgment won’t stand.”

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