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Police Recruitment: Training To Commence Next Month

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The Chairman of Police Service Commission, Mr Musliu Smith, had disclosed that the candidates that succeed the ongoing recruitment exercise in the country would resume training between August and September.

The Chairman made this known in Akure on Tuesday while addressing journalists at the military exercise which was held at the police command in Ondo state.

We have received the President’s approval for the recruitment of 10,000 potential candidates to the Force, he added.


He said that the screening exercise adopted the same standard procedure all over the country.

“This is the first time we are doing a very intensive screening of the people we want to bring into the Force in the country.
“So, this is the beginning of the process, and I am sure that, within the next two months, we shall be ready for those shortlisted to report to the Police College for training,” he said.

The former Inspector General of Police who had retired since 2002 and reinstated to service by President Buhari said the exercise was going on well across the nation.
He also clarified that with the recruitment, there would be much available to police personnel.


The exercise is transparent and personnel from the Commission, as well as senior officers representing the Inspector General of Police, are involved in all the states.
“We cannot leave everything to the Command alone. We are using their facilities and their people, especially the medical team, which is supporting us.

“So far, the exercise is going on very well.
“Though 10,000 is not enough, you have to start somewhere and the shortage of Police personnel, which the public always complains of, will soon be something of the past,” Smith said.

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