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Seyi Makinde’s Progressive Baptism in Governance By Yahaya Balogun

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Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo state seems more genuine in his frame of mind to bringing Oyo State at par with other developing states in Nigeria. In less than one month of Makinde’s administration, he seems to know the business of governance.

Seyi is bringing in the technocrats and fresh minds with fresh ideas into the business of governance. The synergy of fresh ideas from Seyi seems to be rewriting the peculiar mess (penkelemeesi), narcissistic and glorified “constituted authority” and unsophisticated governance in Oyo state.

Seyi Makinde also seems astute in the management of human capital. He is a man to keenly watch in the ‘new normal’ of Oyo State. The last administration of Abiola Ajomobi was a jamboree and fiefdom administration. The constituted authority man was so self-subsumed vainglory.

Ajumobi’s sense of governance was premised on insulting the sensibility of the people who tried to constructively criticize his government. Abiola Ajumobi did not only bring pangs of insult and sadness to Oyo students and the people, his disposition to ordinary people in Oyo state was the nemesis that disgracefully expunged (removed) him (through ballots) from his transient office.

It’s not unexpected to note that, the final phase of Ajumobi’s administration pilfered billions of dollars for invisible contracts. The dirty debts incurred by Ajumobi’s administration are now being uncovered by Seyi’s administration.

The people of Oyo state seems to have moved from inanity of egoistic leader to sanity of a young envisioned man. It’s not surprising! Seyi has always been a young man to watch from his student days at Bishop Phillips Academy, Iwo road, Ibadan. He was a brilliant mathematician with a future full of possibilities.

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Seyi Makinde seems to know his destination as he steers Oyo state’s vehicle of governing. We pray he doesn’t derail from this participatory democracy to his PDP’s egregious corruption and the immediate past APC’s maladministration. We hope Makinde’s young administration continues with its clear-roadmap as he governs distinctively from the past corrupt manifesto of his party-PDP.

“Time doesn’t heal anything; it’s how we deal with time that determines the speed at which we heal” – Amy Morin
It seems a new day in Oyo state now, but time will surely tell!

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