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We Don’t Receive Jumbo Pay – Senator Adeyeye.

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Senator Dayo Adeyeye, Representing Ekiti South Senatorial District

Senator Dayo Adeyeye, the Chairman on Senate Committee on media and public affairs on Sunday said, the senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria don’t receive jumbo salaries has been misinterpreted in various perspectives.

He said what the Senator in Nigeria receives is not up to 5% of what an American senator receive.
The senator representing Ekiti South Senatorial District made this known at his home town on Sunday.


He said, “People don’t appreciate the role of the legislature. That is why they feel legislators don’t deserve what they earn.

I know that with time when we begin to engage the Nigerian public and bring them to the full knowledge of the role of the legislature in this democracy, they will begin to see why the legislator should be given the enablement to perform their roles.”

Adeyeye said people misinterpret running cost as jumbo pay.
“Why is it that people don’t believe senators should have running cost and they attribute the running cost as their jumbo pay, which is not the case?”

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    The running cost is enablement for our oversight functions and other responsibilities.

    “I want you to look at it and see the senator as a cost centre. If you compare what legislature gets to the executive, the legislature will be earning infinitesimal.


    “The last time I checked, the running cost of a senator in America is $4.6m in a year. We do not get up to five per cent of that. The National Assembly is not over-funded. It is under-funded. We know the economy in which we are operating in, so everybody will have to adjust,” the senator said.

    “There are few things that the senator can attract to their districts. I intend to attract them for the benefit of my constituents.”

    He further said, “I will use my position to nominate the needs of my district, including projects and contracts on roads, culverts, schools and others”.

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