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Attorney General, Chief Judge Argue Over Judiciary

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Abubakar Malami, the federation Attorney General and Justice Tanko Muhammad, the Chief Justice of Nigeria have argued over the judiciary system of the country over its non-dependence.

The Attorney General wants the Judiciary should be non-dependent while the Chief Judge of the country says no, that Judiciary should be dependent.

They made this known on Monday during the opening session of the 2019 Nigerian Bar Association Annual General Conference at Eko Hotel in Lagos.

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The chief judge said the country’s judiciary future is promising.

According to him, he’s dedicated to renewing the system to act and deliver quick and to eradicate corruption.

“Though many might have written the judiciary off, but in my tenure as the Chief Judge, I will ensure the future is promising by God’s grace.”, he said.

He further said, after his reappointment, he has taken up the task in renovating the steps, making it function fast, creating a rapid structure to the judiciary system, energizing the courts from the Supreme level to the least. “

“we will make use of technology in order to speed up our activities, the Supreme Court and the Appeal Court had ignored it’s a yearly vacation in order to clear the long awaiting cases.”

He also warns lawyers to stop filing an unnecessary case to the Appeal Court and the Supreme Court, adding that such abuse if the court process is punishable.

Our firm grip on the mantle of honesty, transparency and integrity won’t be lost in the Judiciary.

The Judiciary won’t have pity or human feeling before making it’s a decision and giving its verdict.

Our respect alone is to God, and we won’t fear anybody nor give preference to any man in our judgement.

“we’re not independent as we still need to go to the executive to request for funds”, he added.

Contrary to the CJN comment on the system independence, the Attorney General of the federation, Mr Abubakar Malami who represented the President in opening the event said, the President Muhammad Buhari led administration has done the needful to ensure the Judiciary is independent.

He said, the President obey the court order without questioning and is committed to strengthening institutions in the country.

Quoting the AGF, he said, “We have had to disrupt the age-long wrong assumptions and historical narratives of the presumed immunity of sacred cows in our society, simply to demonstrate that henceforth the law will be used as a potent instrument to regulate the activities of all persons and institutions in our country in a fair and transparent manner.”

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