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Breaking: Sowore Clarifies Buhari, DSS Misconception

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Omoyele Sowore, AAC National Chairman

Omoyele Sowore, who is currently detained by the Department of State Service (DSS) for convening the ‘#RevolutionNow’ protest has responded to this scandals probed against him in what is termed as “false allegations,” that the protest was supported and backed by some enemy of the Nation to unseat President Muhammad Buhari.

In the verge of this allegation, Sowore pushed the case forward to the Abuja Federal high court, where he admitted that though he met with Nnamdi Kanu in a closed-door meeting in New York City, still came out for a press briefing on their discussion.

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He said, his meeting with Nnamdi Kanu, the Indigenous People of Biafra Leader was not in any way to counter the president in warfare neither did he receive money from Kanu or anybody.

In his file that he submitted to the high court, he debunks the allegation from the DSS, saying he has never been to any country in UAE talk less of Dubai in his life and reemphasised that no one knows about his meeting with Kanu until Sahara Reporters published it online under his jurisdiction.

He further said the DSS was shocked to see that he didn’t possess millions of Naira in his account while checking both his local and foreign account verify if he received any money to disrupt Buhari administration.

He also queried that he has been jobless in the detention and need to seek a medical treatment over the injury he sustained while he was illegally abducted on August 2nd.

All means to get his bail prove abortive as Justice Taiwo Taiwo of the High Court permitted the DSS to keep him in detention on August 8th for 45 days. Also adding that they are liberty for further extension after September 21st.

Sowore being displeased such verdict admitted it’s so unconstitutional.

Filing a complaint through his lawyer, Mr Femi Falana demand the court to ignore the exparte order and demand his prompt release.

Sowore was confident that his image is untarnished despite his unjust detention and question if Buhari was arrested when he took similar action during the 2015 general election.

He further said, he has never been into any terrorist-related act, and the accusers have no evidence whatsoever against me.

He argued that the revolution protest that took place in any part of the country on August 5th didn’t record any violent case against the government of the federation except the illegal arrest of the peaceful protesters.

He never planned any coup with anyone except mobilising the masses including youths, students, workers, market women and as many oppressed Nigerians to charge up the government in the federal, state and local level to speak on issues like corruption, poor administration, poor economy and insecurity in the country.

According to Sowore in his motion, he said the Buhari led administration promised one million jobs yearly, one million houses annually, stable electricity, good roads, corruption-free administration, improved economy among others for the betterment of the Nigerians.

Instead of fulfiling these, he addressed it in such a way that his appalling and frustrating to many Nigerians.

Insecurities have taken the lives of many via terrorists, kidnappers, armed robbers, armed herders, armed soldiers and armed police officers.

He also counters the allegations that he went to Dubai or any country affiliated to UAE to receive funds for the aim of toppling Buhari government or unseating the president nor did he intend to free anyone unlawful for what so ever reason.

He also debunks the allegations that he’s part of the facilitator for the Islamic movement of Nigeria group, but he explained that the reason he includes them in his protest was because of the failure of the operative to obey court order.

He further reminds the court that he was part of those that restored the democracy regime from the military dominance in May 1999.

Fully understanding the etiquette of protest laid these rule for his members who wish to participate in the protest that “no one should throw any objects whatsoever at the security nor attack them.

None of the protesters went against these rules because we’re aware they aimed to give the protest a bad reputation. Unfortunately, the security present started harassing the peaceful protesters, shot teargas at them, arresting some.

Adding the present administration has done similar protest against the previous administration, where they took over the street to protest against the Obasanjo, Yaradua and Jonathan administration with the aim of dethroning but none of them was illegally abused.

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