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FG, NBC To Restructure BBNaija

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The Federal Government and the National broadcasting commission are coming up with a plan to curb and restructure the Big brother Naija reality TV show over the display of nudes and sex scene.

Part of the restructuring is to meet with the startimes directors in order to put an adjustment to the activities in the program, whereby the culture of the country can be reflected in terms of dressing and food. These would make an impact on the viewers rather than the immoral activities.

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This deliberation was made between Otunba Segun Runsewe who is the National Council for Arts and Culture, DG and Dr Mrs Gloria Shoda who is the National Council Women Societies’ president.

Otunda Segun said they are going to bring to place the bill that condemns such act because you can’t fight without a contrite legal backup.

These restructure came up as a result of the alleged sex between Khafi and Gedoni.

He further said, he will take the big brother Naija issue very serious in order to eradicate the immoral act.

According to him, he said he has met with the national broadcasting commission authority because the scene in the show is so bad. Having sex is not speaking well of Nigerian tradition.

In response to the DG comment, the President of the National Council Women Societies said she’s not against the show but the live sex and nude scene is uncalled for.

She said it won’t preach a good lesson to the children who come in contact with it.

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