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No Restrictions On Food Importation, FG Debunk Allegations

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The allegations that we have placed a ban on agricultural substances in the country is so untrue, kindly neglect such report, the federal government reported.

The allegation came from an article written and published August 15th with the subject, ‘Muhammadu Buhari sparks dismay over policy on food imports,’ and said the President has placed and restriction on food importation.

In response to these allegations, the President senior special assistant on media, Mr Garba Shehu was quick to reply the publisher of the article that the government has not ban nor restrict any agricultural products from entering the country.

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Instead, what the President has done is to ensure adequate food security in the country by ensuring an independent agricultural and industrial sector of its own is on the move.

He further said the stand of the government is that those importing food products must pass through the right focus and not deviate from letting the government have its own benefit. Provided this is not their aim; they are free to do whatever they wish.

He, therefore, urge the writer of the article to always make adequate enquiries before making its paper published in order not to mislead the masses and raise an eyebrow against the government.

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