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VIDEO: Police Rearrest Notorious kidnapped, Revealed How Soldiers Saved Him.

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The notorious kidnapper, Hamisu Bala Wadume who escaped on August 6th has been recaptured by the members of the police.

It was recalled that he escaped when the IRT operatives taken him to their custody were confronted by soldiers from the Battalion 93, Takum, Taraba State, who mistake them for criminals.


In response to these, the Army said the soldiers’ attack on the IRT operatives was due to a distress call they received that the police are criminals.

These attack led to the death of three combative policemen, a civilian and five other officers were injured.

Fortunately, he was rearrested on Monday, August 19th as reported by Frank Mba, the police spokesman on Tuesday.

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    In the video clip released by the police, the suspect said, the Army shot at the police after he was arrested and they took him to their headquarters and cut off his handcuffs.

    Then, he went to his house and the police came to rearrest him again.

    Watch Video Below:

    Hamisu Bala Wadume, The Notorious Kidnapper.
    Video Courtesy: Nigeria Police

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