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We Will Be Committed To Home Grown Drugs – Olorunimbe Mamora, Minister of State for Health

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Olorunimbe Mamora, Minister of State for Health

The Honourable Minister of State for Health, Dr Olorunimbe Mamora has frowned at the ways other countries export their drugs to Nigeria like a refuse bin.

Adding that such has to stop, and we must remain committed to home-based grown drugs. 

The minister said this on Wednesday during the 5th Nigeria Pharma Manufacturers Expo 2019 – an international exhibition on COMPLETE pharma manufacturing, in Lagos organised by the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Group of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria.

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While addressing the participants, he made them understand that it’s very desirable to start manufacturing drugs in the country and not depending on foreign drugs for sufficiency. 

He further said, enough of hearing we are out of stock with a particular drug in our hospitals, we must ensure we develop ours, bring out the best in it and make it available to us 24/7.

Nigeria is not a refuse dump for other countries to throw in their drugs.


He explained that the Federal government put much confidence in our health agencies and organisation to see that the issue of foreign drugs dependence should be brought to an end in Nigeria.

He also encourages them to make use of what’s available, and we can also reach out to the herbal practitioners.

All we desire is that the drugs should be available sufficiently and safely. 

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