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Ezekwesili Slams Buhari Over DSS Charges On Omoyele Sowore

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Obiageli Ezekwesili | former Minister of Education

Obiageli Ezekwesili, the former Minister of Education, has slammed the President Muhammadu Buhari that his aim of continuous detention of Omoyele Sowore in order to cage his idea can’t work. 

She expressed her displeasure over the seven-count charges against Sowore by the DSS via her official twitter handle. 

She tweeted in a trend saying, “We stand on with @YeleSowore and defend his constitutional right and freedom to protest any matter of Governance that worries him.”

“Mr Sowore’s convening of Citizens to protest Poor Governance – via #RevolutionNow- is Constitutionally guaranteed.”

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“Gratitude to his legal team.”, she added

“Democracy and Voice are Siamese Twins. The good kind of Siamese Twins.”

“No one regardless of their position is given the right to shut down Voices like @YeleSowore’s for daring to disagree.”

“How long shall it take before the FG @NigeriaGov understands the Basics of Democracy?”

She further tweeted that, “Our FG @NigeriaGov led by @NGRPresident @MBuhari may think they have ‘caged’ @YeleSowore because he dared to challenge Bad Leadership and Poor Governance through #RevolutionNow.”

“Not so, actually. His idea can never be caged. Why? You cannot cage an idea whose time has come.”

“@YeleSowore is unconstitutionally and unlawfully detained for calling out deadly incompetence of the @NigeriaGov of @MBuhari Not even the Judiciary is spared this spread of deadly incompetence.”

“Here’s the thing. This level of Incompetence is too costly and unsustainable.”

“It is painful that @YeleSowore bears the brunt of the collective dissatisfaction of the Citizens of Nigerians toward a grossly incompetent and intolerant @AsoRock.”

“We must thank him for once again reminding us that: The Power of the People is greater than the People in Power! When the Citizens of Nigeria are ready, neither @YeleSowore nor anyone else needs publicly mobilize them and be accused of “wanting to overthrow a government”.

“The Citizens shall act on their own rid themselves of a trenchantly incompetent and wicked Political Class

“It’ll happen”, she concluded 

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