Thu. Oct 1st, 2020

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Invest In Agriculture, $50bn Annual Food Importation Is Shameful — African Development Bank Tells African Leaders.

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The African Development Bank has advised African leaders at the 7th Tokyo International Conference in Japan over the huge amount of money they spent annually to import food despite having a good land to produce food. 

It was reported that African countries spend almost 50 billion dollars on food importation annually.

The African Development Bank Vice President for Agriculture, Human, and Social Development, Jennifer Blanke said, it’s so shameful that despite having 60% of the world’s arable land, Africa can’t make use of it to produce food but prefer to spend trillions to import food yearly. 


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“When you invest in food marketing in the continent, the governments would achieve the fight against poor growth and enhance nutrition across Africa”, she added.

She promised that institutions like the AfDB would rise to support in order to achieve the goal. 

It is very expedient for the government to invest in essential matters, and it requires a lot of “much more nutritious diets.”

“With most Africans preferring food from local markets, business opportunities for healthy foods is present everywhere in the food cadres, and serious-minded investors are appealed to participate and promote”.

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