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Our Government Can’t Prevent These Xenophobic Attacks – South Africa Defence Minister Laments

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Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula | Defence Minister of South Africa

The Defence Minister of South Africa, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula has expressed their weariness over the attacks against foreigners, adding that these attacks were orchestrated by South Africans criminals, and their Government can’t stop it. 

She said, “South Africans are angry, our country is filled with the anger of its citizens, so the attack is difficult for us to curtail and prevent. 

“That’s the fact, the nation is angry, and the South Africa government can never stop these from happening.”

“A lot of people are complaining that some country leaders snub the World Economic Forum; we should be talking about why this whole thing is coinciding with that.

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“These attacks are not new, it has been happening from time fast and would still continue.”

“The unemployment in our country is very high, while some foreigners are also failing to conduct themselves, they are misbehaving, they won’t obey the laws of the country. These are what the criminals are using as an excuse to attack them.”

“When issues like these come up, we need to have a round table discussion and see how we can bring this life menace to an end. In a nutshell, our country is angry, and we must address it,” she concluded. 

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