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Shi’ites, Police Confront Each Other Ahead Of Tuesday Ashura Procession

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The Nigeria Police Force and the proscribed Islamic Movement in Nigeria’s members, has opened a confrontation at each other ahead of the Tuesday Ashura procession.

The Ashura procession is an annual event that holds on the tenth day of the first month (Muharram) in the Islamic calendar, otherwise called the Day of Ashura.

Shi’ite Muslims all over the world observe it yearly to mark the death of Husayn ibn Ali in the Battle of Karbala in Iraq.

Known as the third Shia Imam, Husayn was the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and son of Ali ibn Abi Talib, the first Shia Imam.

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Husayn was said to have died during the Battle of Karbala, which was fought on October 10, 680 between his army and the army of the second Umayyad caliph Yazid I.

In a bid to mark this day, the Shiite group also proscribed by the court dared the police and vowed to carry out this practice on Tuesday. 

In response to this threat, the Nigeria police also dared the group to try to perform the act and would see how they would clamp them. 

The inspector general of police, Mohammed Adamu had commanded all the police nationwide to arrest any Shiite leader carrying out the practice. 

In a statement by one of the Shiite leader revealed that they don’t care about the order from the police IG. 

He insisted that they would move out in massive turnout across all “cities and villages” in the 19 northern states as well as Abuja to practice this annual event.

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Ibrahim Musa, the President, Media Forum of the movement, confirmed that some of its members had started to mourn in practice of the procession in diverse cities and so far the police have not touched anyone. 

“We’re not leaving the country, our leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, also love the country and we’re not ready to take asylum anywhere. 

The practice is peaceful and with no cause for alarm. 

He further said, “we’re not bothered about what the police would do, it’s a peaceful religious procession, that is why we’re involving both women and children join us.”

“We will sacrifice our lives in emulation of Imam Husayn. The procession is not an act of war but mourning which is done worldwide.”

Contrary to these, the Nigeria Police Force spokesperson, DCP Frank Mba, said he dares them to try and move around and see what would happen. 

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