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South Africa President Booed By Crowd, Apologises Over Xenophobic Attacks At Mugabe’s Funeral

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Cyril Ramaphosa | President of South Africa

Cyril Ramaphosa, the President of South Africa, was booed afterwards jeered and whistled while giving his speech at Zimbabwe ex-leader Robert Mugabe’s funeral on Saturday before he eventually made his sincere apologies over repeated xenophobic attacks.

More than 12 Africans were killed this month during the violence as well as mob attacks against foreign-owned(precisely Africans) businesses within and outside Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest city.

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There were chants of jeers, boos and whistles that interrupt Ramaphosa at the Harare national stadium when he began his eulogy at the state funeral for Mugabe.

After the organisers attempt calming the crowd, Ramaphosa said, “I stand before you as a fellow African to express my regret and apologise for what has happened in our country.”

When he had made this apology, the crowd cheered and blasted horns.


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