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Take NDDC From Our Supervision, We Will Destroy Your Oil Installation – Niger Delta Avengers Warn FG

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The Niger Delta militant has raised a fresh threat on the Federal government and it’s property over claims to withdraw “the supervision of the Niger Delta Development Commission” from their Ministry. 

The Niger Delta development has been in the care of the Niger Delta ministry. 

The group, therefore, caution the government not to make such an attempt to change the office; otherwise, there will be a strict reaction on the country economy dependence by blowing up their oil installations. 


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Johnmark Ezon-Ebi, the group ‘General Commanding Officer’ disclosed this in a statement signed by him. 

The statement reads: “The Federal government of Nigeria should have this in mind that any attempt to remove NDDC from the supervision of the Niger Delta ministry to the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, we, the reformed Niger Delta militant will take some drastic step to destroy all available oil installations and facilities within the jurisdiction of the Niger Delta region.”

“We have spoken, and nothing can reverse our decision, we won’t accept any kind of political and power jamboree with the growth of our region”.

“If the government fails to comply with our demand, whatever consequence that follows we should not be blamed”.

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