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The Day Nigerians Get Angry Over Corruption, The Country Will Change In One Month – Prof Lumumba

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Prof. Patrick Lumumba, former Director of the Kenyan Anti-Corruption Agency

Prof Patrick Lumumba, former Director of the Kenyan Anti-Corruption Agency, has charged Nigerians on Tuesday, saying the reason behind corruption thriving in Nigeria is because the citizens are not yet weary of it. 

According to him, a country like Nigeria celebrates the people that fraudulently make themselves wealthy; in such a situation, corruption would continue to thrive. 

He said this while talking at the opening session of the 49th annual conference of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, which was themed “Building Nigeria for sustainable growth.”

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He said, the day Nigerians become weary and frustrated of corruption, the aftermath of it would bring a cease to it.

“Building up a nation is a collective work and a joint responsibility. As an accountant, you should give and keep the right records and be truthful.”

“Corruption is an offence unacceptable to humanity. From experiences, if the mass in a country is tired of their leader’s financial mismanagement, they will unitedly rise against them. For instance, in Romania, we saw that the people themselves were dissatisfied with the conduct of their party officials, and they changed the attitude of the leadership.”

“Waiting for the international bodies to come to help us resolve our problems would imply we’re not competent at solving our problems.”

He further said, he believes Nigerians and other Africans are not yet fed up, because the day they are, there will be real changes. 

“The day we all start to get angry, our countries will change in one month.”

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