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VIDEO: Ghana-born U.S Citizen And Officer In U.S. Navy Caught His Wife In Bed With Another Man, Committed Suicide.

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Prince Yeboah Wiredu, Wife and Three Children

The 29-year-old man has been identified as Prince Yeboah Wiredu, a Ghana-born U.S. Citizen who is a Personnel Specialist Second Class (E-5) in the U.S. Navy has committed Suicide.  

According to the reports, Prince Yeboah Wiredu killed himself after catching his wife sleeping with another me in bed when he returned from work.

RDNews has observed from the commentaries on the story going viral that, Prince Yeboah Wiredu brought his wife to the United States less than two years ago to join him. 

RDNews has obtained a one-week observation poster of Prince Yeboah Wiredu which has already been shared on social media.

Sources close to the family say Prince Wiredu developed mental health issues after he was dishonourably discharged from the U.S Navy in 2017. 

Wiredu who had been sacked and the father of three was unable to stand the same broken heart and depression from catching his wife in bed with another man, so he killed himself on September 11, 2019, in the city Bronx, New York. 

RDNews has obtained a copy of the judgment giving details of the sexual assault. 

Below is the narration from the court-martial documents: 

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Ms JW and the appellant agreed to meet in person after first connecting online. On January 13 2013, the appellant picked J.W. up in his car and drove her to an apartment. Once there, the appellant offered her a drink and attempted to kiss her, both of which she declined. 

The appellant and J.W. then relocated to a back bedroom, so the appellant’s friend could use the living room. Once in the bedroom, the appellant disappeared into a closet, emerging minutes later naked except for a condom.

J.W. alleged that the appellant then sexually assaulted her by penetrating her with his penis despite her continued efforts to push him off and tell him, “please stop.” 

Both before and during the alleged assault, J.W. text-messaged or called two separate friends requesting they pick her up: 

[J.W.]: Just cum get me… Babe I’m scared [as f***] 

[Friend]: Idk wat to do. I cnt walk there

[J.W.]: Figure out somef-n pl2z 

[Friend]: Im tryin. Tell him to take yu home 

[J.W.]: He won’t 

[Friend]: Well im callin the police 

[J.W.]: No stop

Petty Officer KR met the appellant at a house party on April 25 2013. Petty Officer KR alleged that, after dancing, she and the appellant ended up on the floor of the apartment where she agreed to him orally penetrating her before he rubbed his penis against her leg without her consent. 

Ms SB connected with the appellant at a club on May 17, 2013, before agreeing to leave with him for an apartment. Once there, S.B. alleged that the appellant “started to bite [her] clothes off” 4 before forcing her to engage in vaginal intercourse. 

Before making their allegations, J.W., S.B. and Petty Officer KR were not acquainted with each other. Based on these allegations, the government charged the appellant with two specifications of sexual assault for the incidents involving J.W. and S.B. and one specification of abusive sexual contact for the incident involving Petty Officer KR.

From the poster, the 29-year-old late U.S. Army Officer, Prince Yeboah Wiredu’s One Week anniversary would come off on September 28, 2019, at 3905 Carpenter Ave Apt 4H, Bronx, NY 10466.


Source: RDNews

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