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We Are Committed To Dealing With Boko Haram Problem – US State Department

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Douglas Padgett, the Strategic Initiatives Unit Chief in the Office of the International Religious Freedom, a body of the US State Department, has disclosed that the USA is not relenting on fighting the Boko Haram insurgents and remain committed to dealing with the problem they have caused in Nigeria. 

He said this during a meeting on “Religious Freedom and Tolerance” with East-West Center’s 2019, at Senior Journalists Seminar at the US Department of State, Washington DC.

According to him, “Boko Haram has been a long-time problem which has been causing a lot of menaces, and we’re looking forward to tackling it.”

Douglas Padgett used to work in the Nigerian office of the department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labour.

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While he was in Nigeria, Douglas always thought of winning the war against the terrorist when it first started in 2011 and 2012, and he claims he still does.

He further said, “Our office will not stop to persevere in that open and inclusive governance, provision of government services and a new security approach that would add to the victory over Boko Haram and other violence rising threats on the country.”

“I won’t disclose our strategy on our we would win this war, but we possess some humanitarian and human rights program that will help us curb it. We’ve already put a lot of effort in place and is currently ongoing in Nigeria.”

Religion differences were not the only reason for the insurgency but issues of human rights abuse and how to address it has created this asap. I’m not accusing the Nigerian government, but I’m only saying its broad and difficult circumstances. 

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