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Xenophobia End Talk Fails As South Africans Launch Fresh Attack

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Zulu residents wave batons in Johannesburg on Tuesday after the city was hit by a new wave of anti-foreigner violence. (Michele Spatari/AFP/Getty Images)

South Africans have launched a fresh attack on foreigners in their country with one person confirmed dead and five others injured in the country capital. 

All talks about putting the menacing end failed with the South Africans causing many mishaps on Sunday evening as reported by Gauteng police spokesperson, Captain Kay Makhubele.

The President of the Nigerian Student Union in South Africa, Adetola Olubajo, confirmed this fresh attack and the casualties caused.

It happened that some group of men with wielded sticks, pangas and tree branches, were marching about the cities just a few minutes after a controversial meeting in which the President Emeritus of the Inkatha Freedom Party, Mangosuthu Buthelezi, address a hotel resident on the just concluded week of deadly xenophobic violence.

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According to the police spokesman report, Makhubele said they’ve been able to arrest 16 people for public violence and possession of the stolen property.

The fresh violence led to the closure of many shops forcefully as the protesters destroyed properties and looted lots of businesses. 

In response to these, The Publicity Secretary of the Nigerian students union in South Africa, Habib Salihu, yesterday (Sunday) warned all Nigerians to stay clear the danger zones in other to prevent a repeat of the violence that occurred last week which caused “monumental loss of properties and innocent lives.”

The Zulu hostel residents moved out and scattered a meeting which was being addressed by Buthelezi earlier on Sunday and protested about Jules street towards MTN taxi rank and Braamfontein chanting “foreigners must leave the country” songs.

The statement released further disclosed that “The awareness is still on; therefore, we are warning our people through the diverse medium in line with our organization. 

“We appealed to law enforcement agents to kindly act fast in stopping the violence so as to prevent lives from being lost and property damage, especially those of the Africans which seems to be their main target should be protected.”


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