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Yellow Fever Outbreak In Nigeria, Germany Ban Nigerians Without Proof Of Yellow Fever Free Evidence

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The centre for disease control in Nigeria had affirmed that there’d been an outbreak of yellow fever in Bauchi State and Borno state. 

Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu, the Control Director-General, disclose this report in a statement today (Friday). 

The body made this discovery on August 29 through its laboratory from Kano State after sending a report to the agency network revealing the case of yellow fever. 

The outbreak was also confirmed yesterday (Thursday) by the Bauchi state government. 

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According to Mr. Rilwan Mohammed, the Bauchi State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Executive secretary, he noted that the health ministry discovered a fever case that is confirmed to be linked with the Yankari Game Reserve with the record of four students of the College of Education confirmed dead while 12 are receiving treatment in the hospital in Waka-Biu, Borno after going for a field trip in Yankari game reserve as part of their course synopsis. 

In response to this, it was disclosed by a Nigerian named Abel, schooling in Germany that they are required to get a card proofing that they are yellow fever-free. 

Another Nigerian who is about to travel there, Akinola Barnabas, disclosed to Reference Daily News reporter that the Germany embassy in Nigeria has demanded that he gets a card proofing that he’s yellow fever-free. 

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