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You’re Joking With Education, ASUU Tell Buhari

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The Academic Staff Union of Universities has called on President Buhari to restrain from playing games with education, rather appeal to him to make it as a tool to solve the problems of poverty in the country.

The union chairman in the University of Ibadan, Prof Deji Omole, on Sunday, said the president should not wait to be convinced that education is what other serious countries used in tackling poverty.

The ASUU chairman, also belittles the Minister of education,  Adamu Adamu, said there’s no difference between him and his boss, that he’s incapable of transforming the education sector.

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The Minister of education had vowed to declare a state of emergency regarding the education but till date, no action has been made from him., Omole lamented.

He further tackles the Buhari administration and his minister said, they’ve spent more than three years in the office and all they do is to make empty promises and so many political statements but has never made fulfilled any.

He said Buhari administration is totally against education, by reducing the allocation budgeted on education.

According to him, UI finds it difficult to employ new workers; the excessive workload is killing a lot of people and many are retiring and the government failed to recruit more.

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