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BBNaija: Nigerian Man Advise Men To Emulate Mike When They Want To Cheat On Their Wives

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A Nigerian man, Alex Okonkwo, wrote on his facebook page to advice all men, especially the married to emulate the bbnaija runner up, Mike, who despite been married remained faithful to his wife, throughout the 90 days spent with other strange women.

According to him, infidelity is a matter of choice and all men should be held responsible for making the option of cheating.

The full words of his post reads below:

“Dear average Nigerian married men, hope you learned something from Mike O Edwards of BBN 4?”

“Infidelity is a choice. You are responsible for what you do with your penis. You cheat or misbehave because you want to or you are a dog, not because you can’t control yourself.”

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“Mike lived 99 days with different beautiful ladies of different sizes, complexion, height and shapes. He saw them in skimpy outfits, shared bathrooms and bedrooms with them, but not for once did we see his boner. Not for once did he misbehave around any of them.”

He respected himself, his wife, his wedding vows and his brand, even though he knows our society would have made excuses for him or forgiven him quickly if he had messed around with any of the girls in that house.”

“Remember this when next you want to make silly excuses.”

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