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Border Closure Would Affect Nigeria Revenue For 2019 – Finance Minister | RDNews

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Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed | Finance Minister

The Minister of finance, Budget and National Planning, Mrs Zainab Ahmed has said it will be difficult for the country to reach 80 per cent of its revenue performance for 2019 as a result of the border closure; however, the issue of closing of the border is to protect the country’s interest, she added

She this said during a public presentation of the 2020 budget proposals in Abuja on Monday. 

“As to the question on if the country will reach N8.33 trillion revenue target at the end of 2019, the answer is, it is very unlikely, and these have been the reason why we have to make essential efforts to enhance revenue performance.

“It is glaring that we won’t be able to attain even 80 per cent and that is why we have to do several things to make sure that revenue performance is boosted.”

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“Releases did not start until late July, and as at last week, we had scheduled, and releases are now up to N650 billion.”

While addressing the issue on the border closure, she noted that “Nigeria has to be number one and protecting our industries should be our priority because most of our neighbours have been stepping on abusing commitments that we agreed on and Mr President has said this is no longer tolerated.

“The government is not closing the border till eternity, and there will be an end date, the federal government is having a dialogue with the governments of our neighbouring countries Niger and the Benin Republic.”

“We are coming to an agreement to ensure that the predicament that has resulted to the closure of the borders are resolved on both sides but, especially that our neighbours meet the commitments that we signed unto several years ago.”

“Once those discussions are finalised, the borders will be opened again.”, she added.

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