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BREAKING: Deputy Governor Of Kogi State Impeached| Reference Daily News

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The deputy governor of Koji State, Mr Achuba has been impeached by members of the Kogi State House of Assembly on Friday in Lokoja.

The Majority Leader of the House disclosed this news to the newsmen present at the Assembly complex.

Reports gathered revealed that the deputy governor had discord with the governor which led the duo to put blames on themselves.

Achuba, in August 2019 said his life is under serious threat and lay many accusations on his boss.

He often criticised the administration for non-performance, adding that it’s the reason for the rift between him and Governor Bello.

In a prompt response to the accusations, the state government in a statement attacked the deputy governor, that he lacked evidence to prove the allegations.

The issue got became very serious after the State Assembly declare impeachment proceedings against Mr Achuba for his accusations against the governor.

Thereafter, the lawmaker in the state ordered the state Chief Justice, Justice Nasir Ajanah, to establish a committee to start the impeachment of Mr Achuba.

Mr Achuba, however, filed a case before the State High Court, Lokoja, in displeasure to the national assembly action, to challenge the impeachment notice sent to him.

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