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Defense Headquarters Give 281 Former Boko Haram Fighters Spiritual Counselling

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Boko Haram Fighters

About 281 former Boko Haram fighters have been set out to go through a 52-week “”psycho-spiritual counselling and pyscho-therapy” in respect to the Operation Safe Corridor programme being coordinated by the Defence Headquarters, Abuja, in Gombe State.

The Defence Headquarters, however, said its aim of bringing up such programme, which started in September 2015, was to “encourage willing and repentant Boko Haram terrorists to surrender and go through a structured deradicalisation process.”

About 281 terrorists had gone through the Operation Safe Corridor in Gombe State and passed through spiritual and vocational counselling.’

Suspected Boko Haram fighters at a secret government rehabilitation camp play soccer 2019

The military body added that preparation had been made to accommodate “another set of over 650 surrendered Boko Haram terrorists for the deradicalisation, rehabilitation and reintegration programme.”

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According to the statement released by DHQ said, “The Commander-in-Chief, President Muhammadu Buhari, established Operation Safe Corridor on September 2015 to encourage willing and repentant Boko Haram combatants to surrender and go through a structured deradicalisation, rehabilitation and reintegration programme. The objective of the operation is to deplete the fighting force of the terrorists.”

“The ex-combatants go through a 52-week programme involving psycho-spiritual counselling, psychotherapy, recreation, drug use intervention, introduction to western education and vocational training. In the course of the programme, visitation by families and prominent personalities are organised to promote confidence and ensure smooth reintegration. 

The ex-combatants also appear before a Quasi-Judicial Panel where they confess their past deeds, denounce membership of the Boko Haram and swear an oath of allegiance to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

“Since inception, 281 ex-combatants and associated persons have gone through the programme out of which 254, including two Chadians, have been successfully transferred to their country and states for reintegration. 

It is on record that no adverse report has been received concerning any of these persons. Arrangements are underway to admit another set of over 650 surrendered terrorists for the DRR Programme.”

The Buhari led government gives terrorist amnesty but threaten and prosecute freedom fighters.  


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