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Fashanu Advises Tammy Not To Make His Mistake

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Tammy Abraham | Chelsea’s forward

The decision of Tammy Abraham to neglect Nigeria for England is not welcomed by John Fashanu, former England international and Wimbledon FC star, who felt the 20-year-old made a wrong footballing decision.

The England manager, Gareth Southgate, had made a smart move ahead of Nigeria by adding Abraham to his squad to face Bulgaria and Czech Republic ahead of the Euro 2020 qualifier match which seems like a disappointment to many Nigerians who had wished the in-form striker will play for Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Fashanu, who also played for England said the Chelsea striker need to rethink so as to avoid history from repeating itself- taking himself as an example.

“I’ve stayed in Nigeria for more than 14 years, and I now realised I took the wrong decision not playing for Nigeria.”

“For Abraham right now, he felt the English side is good and wonderful. But that’s how I did, as he grows older he will understand that Nigeria is his motherland and as we have our problems here in Nigeria, England has theirs.”

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“My advice for Tammy Abraham is to make the right decision and play for Nigeria. He will have enough time and many appearances playing for Nigeria though, and he will make more money playing with England.”

“It is left to him to decide what he wants, either playing more than 50 times or if he wants to make $1m.”

“But as a faithful and patriotic Nigeria, I would have wanted him to play for Nigeria. Don’t make that same mistakes that we older ones made.”

“My advice for him as an elder one is to forget the money and play here, though the money will surely come. Come back to Nigeria and play, which I didn’t do. That’s my advice because now I know my wrong. I made much money, but I played for England twice. I could have to gain more money with the Nigeria national team and made more playing time and win many trophies and do wonderful things.”

“Now I look back and see my mistakes, and I don’t want them, other young Nigerians to make the same.”

“The fact remains that we must respect his choice, his own choice.”

“Though we can convince his choices, but he is young and a good player who is in the best year of his life and he knows what it’s like.”


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