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FG Warn Security Agencies Harassing Young Nigerians With Laptops

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The Federal Ministry of Communications (FMC) has expressed their displeasure over the wrong mindset against young Nigerians with computing devices like laptops, tablets etc. by security agencies.

This displeasure was expressed by Isa Pantami, the Minister of Communications, in a statement signed on Tuesday by spokesperson Uwa Suleiman where he urged the security agencies to be careful and incur a stop to such manner.

“If this unruly behaviour continues without been addressed, it would cause a bad influence towards changing the country’s economy, leading more youths and their capacity into a snitch and damnable effects.”

“Reports reaching the ministry are so alarming whereby our security agencies harass and referred any young individuals with computing devices in their possession as fraudsters, followed by mishandling in some circumstances unwarranted extortion.”

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“The Ministry, however, with high disappointment said this displeasing act is uncalled for as we are rejoicing the increasing and rampant technology community in Nigeria which gives youths the opportunity to learn diverse skills ranging from software engineering to varied forms of entrepreneurship by simply accessing online tools and content on these devices.”

“Though, we’re aware of some youths engaging themselves in some nefarious activities using computers and similar devices.” 

“Nevertheless, we should be mindful so as not to categorise all young Nigerians with a similar shoe.”

“It would, therefore, be counterproductive to stifle this sector of the economy by labelling every young Nigerian with a computing device as a fraudster.

“We understand the need for proactivity to protect society. However, this must be done credibly while recognising the fundamental human rights of every citizen of Nigeria. If this situation goes unchecked, it will dampen the vigorous attempt at diversifying the economy and rather push more young energies underground with catastrophic consequences,” the statement added.


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