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I Can Act Romantic Scenes, Not Nudity – Debbie Shokoya | RDNews

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Debbie Shokoya, an actress from Ogun State, is gradually making fame in the Yoruba speaking cadre of the movie industry.

Shokoya, however, has disclosed she’s convenient with romantic scenes and wouldn’t go naked just to interpret a role.

According to her, “if the producer wants me to take a romantic scene that won’t need to make me go naked or semi-nude, I’m convenient with it.”

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“Kissing and hugging in a movie are not a problem for me. Nevertheless, if it would warrant caressing, smooching, and any intimate acts, I might not be able to do it.”

She further expressed her mind on fashion saying, “When we talk of fashion, I love being moderate, there is some apparel I won’t wear. I will never go nude, trying to be fashionable.”

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