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Ramaphosa Increases Its Minimum Wage To N126,480, As Buhari Loiter With N30,000

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President Muhammad Buhari promised the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to pay the minimum wage of N30,000 once he’s elected as the president for a second term, however, months has past since he acclaimed the position but he’s yet to fulfil his promise as he loiter with the labour unions. 

Meanwhile, his counterpart, the president of South Africa has increased its minimum wage to N126,480 per month.

The president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa made increment at a time many Nigerian worker are in doubt if their agitation for the N30, 000 minimum wage would come to reality.

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The President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa affirms that the new wage, would commence from January 1, 2020, with closeto six million workers currently earn R3,700 (N97,495) tobenefit from it.

One South African Rand is N26.35 according to the exchange rate, which implies that South African workers earn N527 per hour, N4,216 per day and N126,480 per month. However, Nigerian in the opposite earn N75 per hour currently, that is N600 per day within the eight working hours per day and N18,000 per month.

If the N30,000 minimum wage eventually commences, Nigerian workers would earn N125 per hour, N1,000 per day, which sumsup to N30,000 per month.

Amazingly, a Nigerian worker earn less than a quarter of whatSouth African receives monthly. 


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