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The Bad State Of Lagos Road, Despite Political Promises

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Agric-Isawo Road, Ikorodu, Lagos State – (2019)

Some ask, when will we have it right? When will we have the right leaders? The answer is when we give the right vote. Many Nigerians today has caused a lot of mishaps to road and life menace as a result of the choices they make during the general election. 

They are often carried away by fake and non genuine promises for many years, rather than, listening to those who will fight for their freedom and meet to their needs, they would prefer to vote for those that give them N10,000 27.58) that won’t last them 3 days and sell an entire four years to the hands of visionless, lack of idea and incompetent leaders, who are only after the belly of their godfathers, and to regain the money they spent during campaign, also gather fortune for the generations to come within four years. 

Some months after the general election, the same old story is already taking effect. Nigerians have started lamenting towards the hardness they are experiencing from the current administration in power. 

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They are ranging from expensive foodstuffs due to closed border to tax increment to extortion from security agencies to the increased tariff on electricity they don’t have to expensive transportation due to bad road and many more setbacks.

These are clear evidence that those who run for political position in Nigeria are nonchalant and without good innovation. Their campaign speech is not strategic, just vain words. They would promise good roads, good education, good electricity, sufficient foods and so on, but when they come into power, it’s a different ball game. 

Making the country to be a world capital for poverty, whereas many of their family reside in Dubai and other well-developed countries whose leaders are creative and innovative. 

Part of their failed projects was seen along Agric-Isawo road, Ikorodu, Lagos State, report gathered from an eyewitness and calls made through some residents in the area revealed that the government as turn them do campaign ground, place where they seek power and ones they get it, they abandon them. 

Their road channel is so bad that vehicles got stuck many times on them, resident can’t go out due to expensive transport, their marketers are not able to sell because the residents find it challenging to go out. 

An eyewitness reported that “The road was started by Ambode government initially two years ago with the aim of linking it to Arepo in Ogun state which will ease traffic and congestion along Ikorodu road leading to Ketu, but it didn’t go well again when he lost the shadow elections early this year. And it was abandoned, making it difficult for the motorist to ply and increase in transport fare.”

Our correspondent put a call through to residents in the area, and they explained the pitiful condition of their roads. 

Speaking to an engineer living in the resident, he said, “we’ve been living in this struggle, and only God can come to their rescue by making the government remember them. The road was truly commenced for rehabilitation, and we thought a green light has shone towards us until there was a plot to dethrone the previous administration, then he put a stopped to work. What we’re suffering with now is as a result of an abandoned project.”

When asked what’s his vote like for next year, he said, everyone in the community has vowed not to vote in the same administration again, calling them a failure. 

Another resident was called, an undergraduate from the University of Lagos, she said, “I’ve not been able to travel home for a break since January due to this bad road, I stay alone in my hostel during the break. My dad car has broken down for months, and my mom shop is nothing to write about.”

There are many more places like that in the state and country as a whole, and the question is, will they not sell their vote come 2023?

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