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Unlike Other Africa Countries, Rwanda Is Set To Rocket Second Satellite Into Space.

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Rwanda Satellite named “Icyerekezo

George Bakpo wrote, “While some visionless, African leaders are busy planing their evil bureaucratic process to scam their country civil servant on minimum wages matter, busy planing how to repackage RUGA.., busy jumping around looking for country to collect loan.., busy closing border without initiating adequate process to sustain and grow the local economy, Busy misplacing Basic National Priority.”

“Small Rwanda has launched Her own first made in Rwanda Phones, putting them on the world map as an upcoming technological Hub in Africa…”

He added that “Trust Nigerians, we will be their Biggest customer…. Next Level Rubbish……..” ©βgeorge

Findings from Reference Daily News revealed that Rwanda is set to rocket yet another satellite into low orbit.

On February 27, 2019, at exactly 23:37 pm, all the citizens of Rwanda attention were on their national television as their government and telecommunication giant, and One Web sent their first-ever Satellite which would help connect remote schools to the internet.

Satellite image of Rwanda with the country’s flag covering it

According to the statement by the Ministry of Information Telecommunication Technology and Innovation in Rwanda, The universal Satellite called ‘Icyerekezo’ is Rwanda’s symbol of commitment towards building a local space industry, a local capacity which would inspire and motivate the younger generation and make them ready to lead Rwanda into a fulfilling future.

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However, the latest update gathered shows that the Rwandan government is about to launch another satellite.

The Satellite, named CubeSat, is been projected for space research, to acquire information regarding water resources, natural disasters, agriculture and meteorology and relay to the control centre.

The minister said, “When we started shaping and designing our national space program, we knew building capacities were going to be a foundation. We have been working with different partners, specifically the government of Japan and the University of Tokyo.”

Unfortunately, it’s a different ballgame in other African countries where their government is destined to building a needless National cathedral and other nonessential projects whiles there are so many other important projects to be done.

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