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Shehu Sani Open Letter From Detention, Challenge EFCC, Nigerian Government To Publish Any Evidence Against Him

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Activist and former Kaduna-Central lawmaker at the National Assembly, Senator Shehu Sani, has dared the Nigerian Government to publish any evidence against him as the 14-day order for his detention by the Economic and Financial Crimes expires.

Sani, a fierce major critic of President Muhammadu Buhariadministration, was arrested by the anti-graft agency over an allegations that he extorted Sani Dauda, owner of ASD Motors, to bribe Ibrahim Magu, Acting Chairman of EFCC.

In an open letter, Sani said the EFCC has no evidence anywhere against him despite detaining him for 14 days.

He said, “The allegations against me was purposely crafted, concocted and packaged.”

“If the consortium of the government, EFCC and my accuser have any evidence in form of audio, video, cheque, draft or money transfer for their spurious, fabricated bribe, they should make it public by publishing it instead of issuing statements.” 

“I strongly, boldly, unambiguously, and explicitly maintain, assent, affirm that the allegations against me are cotton of lies officially drenched in the pool of their dreams to reflect and portray a fake colour of graft.”

The former lawmaker accused the EFCC of collaborating with his accuser to write a statement against him without proof as part of a targeted witch-hunt.

He stated, “The EFCC has not behaved as investigators. They are behaving as puppeteers and partners of my self-acclaimed accusers. They vendor his lies, peddle his falsehood and hawk his fabrications while suppressing the content of my statement and proofs.”

“My accuser was guided and directed by the EFCC investigations on what to write. My accuser was manipulated and guided by a lady in the legal department of the EFCC on what to write.” 

“The government, the EFCC and my accuser are partners in concoctions and companions in fabrications.”

Sani asked the Nigerian Government to do the right thing and release him unconditionally if the administration is to be seen as fighting corruption.

He further said, “The owl in the logo of the EFCC is sick and suffers from myopia.”

“Graft cannot be defeated when lies are grafted. They have no case against me but they have a cage to throw me in.”

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