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Exclusive: Is God Chastising Us With Covid-19? By Emmanuel Olayimika

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For the first time in the history of the modern world, nations have begun to shut their doors against one another.

US is shut. Jerusalem and Mecca are shut to pilgrims too. The devil has been cast to the earth.

Churches and Mosques are banned from having large gathering in Nigeria forcing majority to close.

Multi-million built churches have been forced to lock their auditorium so as to save their members. The devil indeed is in town and he’s not here to joke because many religious leaders have been humbled.

The anointing oil and holy water they sell as well as prayers sold by Imams are supposed not effective against the virus. Thereby leading the whole world to keep running spontaneously.

No one has given a Fatwa lately. One would have assumed that this virus which has dissociate the Islamic Republic of Iran has blasphemed against God too much.

Even Iran supreme leader has turn to a sheep. The virus hit a very close associate that Iran had to beg for an IMF loan. An interesting fact is if a single virus storm the prison it will set 50,000 prisoners in Iran free. The government will have no choice than to open prison doors.

What do you think of Nigeria prison, if Kirikiri prisoners are told to go free, just like that?

In United States of America, President Donald Trump has seen it from a different perspective saying it’s a war.

Few weeks back, POTUS referred the virus as a hoax. America has weapons of war but it lack enough test kits and it’s running out of hospital beds to the point that some patients in the United States who already contacted the deadly virus have been told to go home to their families and come back only when they are critically health condition.

They will stay in their homes until they begin to have more severe symptoms.

In Italy, their hospitals are filled to the brim to the point that laundries and garages in the hotel have been converted to wards. Italy don’t have the strength, they can’t come like China who build 1000 bed hospital in a week. At the moment, Thousands are dead. Thousands are dying. The streets are ghostly.

Spain, France and Germany are not left out, in fact, Europe had fallen.
The virus has derailed the world economy.

Stock markets have dropped beyond normal. Saudi Arabia and Russia are toiling with fire. Oil prices have fallen to 20 dollars a barrel.

And experts predict it could be lower than 15 which implies soonest Nigeria could be begging people to take her oil.

About 50 crude oil cargoes from Nigeria are lingering on the seas. No one is purchasing. Airlines are falling. No one is flying. Hotels are closed. Cars are off the road. People no longer demand crude oil.

What will be of Nigeria if the virus spread all over the country?

This virus is not well fathom. America lack test kits and gowns, so Nigeria can’t get enough. Without kits, our doctors will be perplexed. Italy also lament shortage of Oxygen, despite being one of the best medical expertise in Europe. Now, God forbid the situation becomes worsening in Nigeria. Just imagine.

Immediately the virus spread beyond control, our doctors become exposed. They will be quarantined and hospitalized. The commitment of the medical workforce will depreciate. Volunteers will be scarce. Is that not the beginning of the end?

Now that the countries Nigeria depends on are closing their borders, what will be the hope of Nigeria.

When a town is shut and its markets are closed how would the ordinary people feed? How can you prepare for a shut down in a place where over 180 million live hand-to-mouth, and have no stable electric power to store foods?

Now that God has placed the world on discipline, If we are calling on God and the virus to show mercy, then we must urge all religious leaders to be quiet for a while.

This is March 2020. They couldn’t see it coming. They should leave us to cry to God and show support to our doctors.


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