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Actor, Mike Godson Writes VP Osinbajo, “I Have No More Money To Feed”

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Popular Nigerian actor, Mike Godson took to his social media page to write an open letter to Nigerian VP, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo to inform him of the hunger that’s prevalent in the land and how he has been affected by it.

The actor revealed that he is down to his last pot of soup with no hope for another as he can’t work at the moment due to the lockdown in the country.

He went on to add that he can’t go out to look for food, for fear of being arrested by the task force.

He wrote,

“Your exellency the vice president federal republic of NIGERIA.

“Dear sir, My name is “Mike Godson” I’m a Nigerian Actor with the Nigerian film industry.

“Sir, We have been instructed by the federal and state government to strictly avoid social gatherings and stay in our various houses, due to the spread of the virus. I must commend the federal and state government levels for the aggressive measures put in place to ensure the country’s safety. But sir, the hunger in the land has finally reached my house.

“As I write this letter, I have just finished eating my last pot of soup and there’s no hope for another one as my source of income has been put on hold until further notice.

“Your exellency sir, i have no more money to feed. If you were in Lagos, I would have walked straight to your house and ask for food because I stay in the same estate with you.

“I know I will be arrested by those mobile police officers in thier hundreds, assigned to your residence after I must have shouted your name 3 times. But sir, as long as I see you and ask for food to eat, I don’t mind being purnished for hunger at this point.

“Finally sir, I just want to know if the relief packages sent out in envelopes by the federal government will reach this side of Lagos, because your exellency sir, The Hunger on the way will be more than corona virus O! Please help O! Thank you Sir. @profosinbajo Yours sincerely!”

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