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Brazil Legend Ronaldinho Shares Life Experience In Paraguay Prison

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After some weeks in a Paraguayan detention centre, Ronaldinho has been relocated to a hotel in the Paraguay capital where he is living under house arrest and the former Barcelona star has admitted he never imagined living in such a situation.

Once one of the greatest footballers in the world, the Brazilian’s post-playing career hit a low when he was detained in Paraguay for allegedly travelling on a false passport.

“I never imagined experiencing a situation like that, it was a very tough blow,” Ronaldinho explained in an interview with ABC.

“I came to Paraguay to launch an online casino and a book.

“Everything we do is under the contracts my brother manages.”

The former Gremio academy graduate maintains that he had no clue that his passport documents weren’t valid.

“We were absolutely surprised to learn that the documents we had weren’t legal,” he added.

“From that moment on, our intention was always to collaborate with the courts to clarify the facts.

“I always had my faith and I always pray for things to go well.

“Hopefully this will all end soon.”

When asked how he was treated whilst being detained, Ronaldinho was complimentary about how he was received by prison personnel.

“They welcomed me with kindness,” he declared.

“We played football, I signed autographs and photos.

“That is part of my life, I would have no reason to stop doing it here.”

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