Mon. Sep 21st, 2020

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Hilarious As Another Indian Couple Name Their Newborn Baby Boy ‘Lockdown’

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A couple in India have named their newborn son ‘Lockdown’ to mark his significant birth amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The couple, Manju Mail and Raghunath welcomed the child in Bacheri village in the Sheopur district of central India, on Monday during the country’s 21-day strict lockdown.

After the arrival of their bundle of joy, they were asked what name should be written on the birth certificate and they said ‘Lockdown.’

The mother, Manju said: ‘He is Lockdown, as he was born during the lockdown period,’ the Times of India reported.

Her husband said : ‘My son and our family will remember this time of crisis throughout out life. It is a significant name.

‘The whole world is using the lockdown as a means to steam this pandemic. We should not take Lockdown lightly.’

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