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Insurgency: Chad Slams Buhari, Niger President Over Lack Of Commitment, As Crisis Hit Joint Task Force

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The MNJTF which consist of troops from Nigeria, Cameroun and the Republics of Chad and Niger, has led the war against the terror groups in the Lake Chad region.

The Republic of Chad had threatened that its troops will no longer fight outside its territory, after accusing the collaborating countries of poor commitment to the counter insurgency war.

Chadian President, Idriss Deby, who gave ultimatum to Nigeria and Niger to occupy the territories Chadian troops seized from the Boko Haram insurgents, said that Chadian soldiers will no longer participate in joint military operations outside Chad.

The furious Deby told a national television in Arabic, that Chadian troops have died for the sake of the Lake Chad and the Sahel and will no longer continue. Derby had led his troops in a counterattack that decimated about 1,000 Boko Haram fighters.

He said that the Chadian Armed Forces had wound up the operation against Boko Haram in the Lake Chad region and will only be involved in internal military operations, “Chad is alone in shouldering all the burden of the war against Boko Haram”.

However, the Coordinator of the Defence Media Operation, Major General John Enenche, said that Nigeria is not slowing down the war against the terror groups as alleged by the Chadian President.

He said, “to say that we are slowing down the war is not true at all. By our mandate, you can go in pursuit of insurgents and criminals for 25 kilometres without consultation. “For His Excellency (President Derby) to say that is not right. They are playing their part of the game. It’s not true.”

Enenche added that, “when you are in a situation like this and it is coming to an end, some people will be trying to take the glory. It is a distraction for a military to say I’m taking the glory. We have done so much there”.

Meanwhile, Army Spokesman Col Sagir Musa had issued a statement countering the claims that Chadian troops were occupying Nigerian territory.

He said, “The Nigerian Army’s attention has been drawn to the statement now circulating on social media claiming the security and Defence Forces of Chad are deeply stationed in the Islands of Niger and Nigeria, waiting to handover to the respective Armies of these friendly nations. Nigerian Army wishes to state that there is no Chadian or any other foreign country’s troops on Nigerian side of the Lake Chad or in any other part of the Nigerian territory.

“As a responsible organization, the Nigerian Army finds it necessary to clear the wrong impression or misinformation for history and posterity as well as to avoid spreading falsehood and mischievous publications”.

On the recent offensive against Boko Haram by the Chadian troops, the Army said, “the operation was especially welcomed and supported by the Nigerian Army because it would deny the insurgent’s rear and logistics bases in Chad from where they often plan and launched attacks into Nigeria. It is hoped that the Chadian Forces will sustain operations on their side of the border to permanently deny Boko Haram criminals of rear bases from where they can launch operations into Nigeria”.

The statement further declared, “For the avoidance of doubt, the Chadian Operation Bohoma Wrath took place only in Chadian territory and not on Nigerian territory. The Chadian security and Defence Forces did not cross into Nigerian territory during the operation and, thus, there are no Chadian troops holding any Nigerian territory.

“The Nigerian military is fully committed and in total support of the continued cooperation between Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria to finally and speedily decimate Boko Haram/ISWAP criminals and put final end to terrorism in the region.

“Members of the public are requested to disregard the claim and misleading information that the Chadian security and Defence forces are deeply stationed in the islands of Nigeria waiting to handover”.

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